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Archangel Healing

Archangel Healing involves attuning to the energy and healing rays of the Archangels and uses this to help to bring about peace and balance for our physical and emotional well-being. Prior to the session I will ask for some information about you and what you would like to achieve from the Archangel Healing. Based on this, I will intuitively select three Archangels to work with during the treatment.

There are 144 Archangels and each one is associated with a different Life Lesson. Every Archangel has an affinity with a specific essential oil and a crystal. Some also resonate with flower essences and gem elixirs. Their Healing rays can be perceived as different colours and vibrations which flow through one or more of our Chakras and around our bodies.

Treatment rate

One hour session:   £50

Further information

I trained in Archangel Healing with Denise Whichello and obtained a Distinction in my Diploma in Archangel Therapy. More information on Archangel Healing.